Levi Riggs Can't Escape An Old Flame In "Heard You In A Song" (Exclusive Premiere)

Written by Sterling Whitaker for Taste of Country (November 8, 2018)

Levi Riggs just can't get a former love out of his head in his new single, "Heard You in a Song."

Riggs sings about an ex-lover on the driving, up-tempo track, which blends an acoustic bed track with a stuttering electric rhythm guitar in the verses for a bright, modern feel that gives way to a heavier chorus. The lyrics are all about how his former love comes into his mind unbidden when he encounters unexpected reminders of their time together.

"Then I heard you in a song coming from a radio / Saw you in the eyes of a stranger on the street / Thought that I'd moved on, thought my heart had let you go / But I felt you there in every beat / When I heard you in a song," he sings in the chorus.

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Elise Anderson